Owning a special car doesn’t mean the road ahead will be free of all bumps, no matter how well you take care of it. A brake master cylinder will give way to age with a whoosh, an engine will require a rebuild, or that charging system will sprout gremlins that are very good at hiding. Whatever it is, ATS can handle it.

Our shop not only has all of the special tools required to perform the task, but the skill and experience to be accurate in diagnosing the problem and executing a plan to remedy the malfunction.

If an engine rebuild is required, you may not be happy about it because it is a time-consuming and expensive task.

But know this: when it is done and back in your hands, it will be glorious—probably better than you ever experienced before.

Here’s why: in addition to Steve Mastroianni, ATS has amongst its talented team members, Sean Sheridan and Dan Guedes. You can learn more about them in the Meet the Team section of the website. But for now, know that they are the technicians that fix things right. They love cars and enjoy swapping stories over coffee that usually end in “what the heck were they thinking.”wider sean lambo