Buying and selling a special car doesn’t have to be a hit-or-miss experience. Long distance purchases can be made more informed through our network of inspectors nationwide. Any level of expertise can be sourced from a visual inspection to a complete PPI. For purchases local to the New York Metropolitan area, PPIs can be performed at our New Milford location. A thorough PPI can take 3 hours or more if it includes a compression/leakdown test. The actual length of time is dependent on how many cylinders we are inspecting so prices may vary.

You should consider a PPI for the car you are selling in advance of it hitting the marketplace. Uncovering minor issues and repairing them help to eliminate a long list of unimportant things that serve to become a bargaining chip for the buyer. “Everything works except…” should be eliminated from any ad copy for your car to get the most return on your initial investment.13938127487_e734e5b78a_z